June Bullet Journal Update: DIY!

Well, thanks to two days of network errors and internet connectivity issues – I was finally able to tackle a project that had been put into my mind by a friend a few months ago.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, one of my friends had made the suggestion that I create some bullet journal templates that people could use to try and test out journaling. I thought this was a really neat idea – I’ve been sharing my layouts for a while now and always get a few requests to help people organize their own journals. However, the first trimester struggle was real and I couldn’t get it done. And then the second trimester came and that was just busy busy busy but now I’m almost to the third trimester and hey! Here we are!

I asked around to see what people would be the most interested in. The categories I chose to cover were: habit tracking, health and finance. I got quite a few messages about financial bullet journaling, so I made two of those layouts, because I know as much as anyone that financial journaling is a stressful, stressful journey but oh so important!

So anyways – here they are:

A Habit Tracker

june habit tracker.png
june habit tracker - fill.png


I go back and forth on wanting to track every little detail of my life and then not wanting to track anything because I feel like a failure when I can’t track everything. Wordy sentence, sorry. But anyways, I think a habit tracker is a great starting point for someone trying to get into journaling. I set up this habit tracker so that a person could track a total of ten things. Honestly, I think more than that is too overwhelming. If you accomplished that habit, just mark it off. If you didn’t – it stays blank. For me, the “reward” of being able to cross something out has actually increased my activities in some areas (like washing dishes) and lets me see what I need to work on (spending less than $20 a day, yikes).


A Health Page

june healthy habits.png
june healthy habits - fill.png


Usually I do a separate page for my sleep tracker, and then try to graph my water intake and steps, but for this purpose, I put them all together. I left the goals blank so that people could set their own. After all, we all work different schedules. I work a desk job – so a bedtime of 10:30 p.m. and 5,000 steps a day are healthy challenges for me, but they might not be the same for say, a dog walker or a bartender. This is definitely one of those pages that will make you feel accomplished by the end of the month – even if you don’t hit your goals every day!


Expenses and Bills

expenses and bills.png
expenses and bills fill.png


I started this page in my journal in April, but it allows me to track what bills and expenses I’ve paid and when everything is due. The majority of my bills are set up with autopay through my bank which means this is a relatively stress free page for me. I just fill in the square once the bills are paid. It also helps me plan out my month financially by seeing what is being taken from each paycheck. This little page is a great way to remember what days your bills are due, and I refer to it a lot when putting together my weekly layouts.


Four Weeks of Spending


This is a new layout that I drafted just for this post, but I’m already working on a newer version of it for my journal. I tried tracking all my spending but honestly, it got really overwhelming writing down every single little thing. This is a new way to track frivolous spending – by setting a goal for the week and marking any major purposes. I don’t add any bills into this layout, and by the end of the week – with one quick scan of my bank account – I can either check off my goal or try to see where I failed. It’s also a good way to log what big ticket items and events might come up – for me that usually means a nail appointment or a particularly Amazon Prime heavy week.


I hope you like these layouts, and I hope that if you were considering getting into bullet journaling – this makes you give it a try! If you wind up printing these out, leave me a comment and let me know so that I can see!