Rebooting Good Vibes

Now it’s officially spring, I’m turning 30 this month and I realized I was over feeling defeated. I started this blog to discuss the anxiety of adulthood, but also to bring attention to the things that made me feel like I could handle anything. I wanted to get back to that girl – the one who wanted to share her experiences, her happiness, her development – so I took a few weeks to write and figure out what I needed to do to accomplish that.

So here I am, back in your feeds, ready to put some positive vibes out into the universe.

A Little Break

I’ve been feeling sort of wonky about social media and socialization in general. I just finished “The Circle” by Dave Eggers and the whole thing made me feel like I was having a very slow anxiety attack. It was published in 2013, and social media has made leaps and bounds since then. Ideas that seemed far fetched – like live video feeds – are now realities. It was a great book but definitely bizarre to see the scary turn that social media obsession can take.