Joshua Tree

I know that "travel guides" are a popular topic for blogs but to be honest I’m never super in love with the idea of making a guide for a place you don't really know - or have only visited a few times! I could make a great travel guide for Baltimore, but what's wonderful about Joshua Tree (to me) is that it's still new and exciting, and that I'm still discovering a lot of fun things about the area. We’ve only been here twice, so I’m definitely not the right person to guide you but I will share with you places I like that are both on and off the trendy path.

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Galentines Photo Wall

This is a much delayed post but I figured it was perfectly timed with the upcoming Val-/Galentines celebrations that everyone might be prepping for.

I am a pretty solid party-attender but not a great party-thrower, so one of my resolutions this year has been to host more social gatherings and to make said social gatherings cute as heck. A lot of the time, I get overwhelmed looking at different adorable internet parties. I’m not a DIY blogger, but I am a fan of fun photos with friends – so here’s my take on a fun photo wall that I concocted for a Valentines Day party last year.

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DC: Calico

This past weekend, I made my way down to DC for one of my Saturday days with my oldest friend. My friend had seen a video for the newest exhibit at Artechouse, immediately bought tickets and told me which day to free up on my calendar.

I took this as the opportunity to finally get my butt to Blagden Alley. I’d been wanting to check this little area out because it’s got some really neat street art, and when I stumbled upon Calico during my online research, I requested we stop there for a bite.

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Gallery Wall Goodies

Anyways, back to the point of this post – I wanted to list some of the artists whose works we have hanging on our walls. I love a good gallery wall just like the rest of them, and I love finding new things to put up. We’ve filtered some things out over the years but I’m excited on our current set up – it’s a good mix of both my style and my Greek husband’s general vibe.

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The Future of Sports

This past weekend I made my way to DC to celebrate one of my oldest friendships: my friend from pre-K officially turned (number redacted) earlier in the week and in honor of our long standing tradition of checking out different exhibits together, I grabbed a pair of early morning tickets to the Future of Sports.

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A Fall Reading List

So far my goal this year has been to read 52 books, and I’m pretty close to completing it! If you follow me on GoodReads, you’ll see I’ve read 42 books this year. I’m currently reading two this week, but I wanted to make a little list of the books that I’m excited to read during this fall. I think fall is a great time to read scary stories and nonfiction, so here’s my list (with summaries from GoodReads):

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House Goals

When we found our house, I started to think long and hard about how I wanted it to look. Of course I love the all-white wall / minimalist / tons of plants vibe that so many cool, trendy houses seem to capture, but it got to a point where I had to be realistic.

We’ve got a lot of animals, including a kitten who is convinced he should be a vegetarian (aka he eats plants) and a deaf dog who feels personally offended by the suggestion that maybe he shouldn’t lounge on the furniture. We needed a pet friendly home that showed who we were, not who we wanted to be.

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Money Diaries

I’ve been really interested in doing some money diaries exercises, and since we just moved – it’s been even more on my mind. I really wanted to see where my money was going, so I thought that it would be fun to do a test run for my first full work week since we moved into the new house.

This was a fun little exercise – and it helped me see where my money tends to disappear to during the week. Of course, it’s not a typical week of spending because we just moved and I’m in the process of getting the house set up, which means a bit more spending than I’m used to.

As I did this exercise, I realized that I was spending less because I knew I would be writing it down. This helped a lot with frivolous spending!

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29Rooms: Make it Into Art!

When I first saw pictures from the first 29Rooms, I made a conscious effort to make sure that if it ever happened again – I would go. Fast forward to a few months ago: the second round of 29Rooms was announced and I immediately bought tickets. While I’m sure you might be sick of hearing about and seeing 29Rooms photos on your feeds, I wanted to post my breakdown of the whole process for those either A. who managed to snag tickets to the Los Angeles residency or B. Who missed out and are wondering if it’s worth it to go next year.

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Iceland: Blue Lagoon

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you might notice that over the past few months I’ve changed the layout quite a few times. I’ve been going back and forth on styles and themes, but finally have found one I really like. I went through and organized my old posts, but I also wanted to refresh some of my older posts to fit more seamlessly with this new theme. That being said – here’s a re-do of my original post on The Blue Lagoon.

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