10 Minute DIY: A Marble Coffee Table

It was a dark and stormy Monday night, and I had a rare burst of energy.

Sounds like the start of a really scary story, right? Well, fear not. I'm just here to tell you about the ten minute DIY that I pulled off – with Angelo's help.

A few months ago I had scored some marble contact paper off Amazon and had been itching to do something with it. Add in an old coffee table that I wanted to move to our living room and voila! A project.

We let the dogs out so they wouldn't get in the way (they sat on the porch and couldn't believe we had the audacity to think they would go outside in the rain) and I carried the coffee table into the kitchen. I wiped it off then whipped out the contact paper. I measured out how far I would have to position it to cover the sides of the table and then began sticking. We carefully laid it down and s-s-s-s-slowly peeled off the back of it – making sure to avoid major air bubbles. We then folded the sides down and worked out any remaining pockets of air.

We had extra marble paper, but we wound up liking how the black elements of the marble brought out the black color of the wood. The table was more marble at this point - so we left the hint of the wood to contrast it, and I've got to say - I am obsessed with how it turned out.

And that's it.

It barely seems worthy of a blog post, right?

Except it looks really cool and is an easy way to capture a more expensivelooking trend. What would you use marble contact paper on?