I already let you in on my favorite experiences in LA – but we did so much more. The whole long weekend was jam packed with awesome experiences so without babbling on anymore, here are some final hits (and a few misses)!


Grand Central Market – we hit up this market before getting in line at the Broad, and the whole experience was great. It's a perfect place to explore and get breakfast – while being way less chaotic than somewhere like Pike Place.


WB Studio Tour – we wound up taking a studio tour at Warner Brothers – per Angelo's request to do something movie/film related. I was sort of unsure, but it turned out to be one of the coolest (if not exhausting) experiences we had! We got to go on sets of some of our favorite shows, wander around the prop warehouse and check out an awesome exhibit full of Harry Potter goodies. A lot of walking? Yes. A lot of cool stuff? Yes.


Venice Beach – Angelo and I spent Sunday in Venice, and it was perfect from the start. After running around in the hustle and bustle of downtown Los Angeles, Venice provided us with a great change of pace and a familiar vibe. It was sort of like Hampden… If Hampden was on the beach. We started our morning at Hinano Café (recommended by one of my mom's coworkers, who thought it would be 'our style'), and despite getting carded at the door (at 10 a.m.!), I quickly got in and devoured the most delicious turkey burger. Hinano is a total dive and we loved every second of our time there.


Amoeba Records – When Angelo told me about Amoeba, and when I first walked in, I figured the whole experience would be a panic attack waiting to happen. I'm happy to say I couldn't be more wrong. People in LA are really nice (I'm guessing it's all the sunshine) and welcoming. Amoeba is gigantic but their employees are great, willing to help you without judgment. Their section of t-shirts is also pretty on point.


In-N-Out – naturally we swung by In-N-Out, and inhaled our burgers after walking around all day – but I gotta say, my turkey burger at Hinano was way better.


The Conservatory at the Line Hotel – This was sort of in between. The Line Hotel is pretty cool, and their restaurant is gorgeous. But service was slow and the menu was underwhelming. We didn't particularly mind it, and it's worth it to sit in a relaxing, pretty area – but I wouldn't go out of my way to go a second time.

So there were more hits than misses – and even the misses weren't awful! We had a great time in Los Angeles, and can't wait to go back. There are still a ton of things we've got on our list of to-dos. 

 Oh, and I made sure to hit up the Nasty Gal in Santa Monica on my last night because... did you think I wouldn't?

Oh, and I made sure to hit up the Nasty Gal in Santa Monica on my last night because... did you think I wouldn't?