DIY of the Week: Painted Bulletin Boards


I swear that I plan to post about things other than DIYs, but it was "Christmas in July," or whatever, and Michaels sent me a coupon for 25% off my entire purchase. Basically expect a healthy amount of DIYs.

I had pinned a painted bulletin board a while back, and now that we are trying to get more into healthy eating and meal planning, I thought that the kitchen would be a solid place for one. I figured I could use it to post weekly recipes, reminders and other odds and ends. On Saturday, I headed to Michaels and picked up everything I needed.

Everything I needed in this case included:

  • Three different colors of acrylic paint
  • Foam brushes
  • Painter's Tape
  • A bulletin board
 Note the sculpy in the corner... Expect to see something with that coming soon.

Note the sculpy in the corner... Expect to see something with that coming soon.

I'm pretty basic with my color choices – you can't go wrong with black, white and gold in my opinion – but this would look really cute in a variety of colors.

Angelo had to pick up an extra shift at work when I was painting, so it wasn't a true 'Crafting with the Kourdoglous' experience (though he was there to help me hang it a few days later). My friend Emma was there to help me by picking out appropriate music and driving me to McDonalds for some pre-painting french fries.

This DIY is really simple, but takes a bit because you need to let each color dry before adding the next color. Another hiccup we ran into was that our boards had a glaze on the border – so we couldn't paint them.

We started by laying out the painters tape and tackling our metallic color (mine being gold and Emma's being copper). You'll probably need to do one extra coat of metallic paint for it to be as crisp as your plain colors. Next we tackled the white and finally ended with the small bit of black. It helps to have someone around when you're doing this sort of thing – so they can give you another opinion on whether everything is parallel and straight before you start painting.

It was so easy! Just be careful on your timing. You need to let your colors dry before applying the tape - or everything will be a total mess. We realized we could watch one old school Rihanna music video between each color and by the end, it would be dry. It's a pretty scientific way of timing things, trust me.

 The finished product!

The finished product!

I didn't actually get a chance to hang my board until Monday night, when Angelo was home and available to help me. (And by available to help me, I mean hang it for me.) One final hiccup that we ran into when hanging it was that I had painted my board without checking to see where the holes were on the back of the board - which is sort of how all DIYs go in my household. There's usually one thing from making it completely perfect, but oh well! I think it still looks great, and is an awesome little addition to our kitchen.


 So the moral of the story : check the back of the board before you paint. 

So the moral of the story : check the back of the board before you paint.