Support Your Local Girl Gang: Sugarbone Patch DIY

Girl gangs are great.

Case in point.

Case in point.

 Seriously, I love having an awesome gang of girls that I can talk to about stuff. I love that everyone has different interests, I love that everyone has different talents, I love that everyone loves french fries, cinnamon buns and margaritas. I love seeing different girl gangs – Taylor's squad is amazing, the girl gang of motorcycle babes in Mad Max brought tears to my eyes, and other local groups of girls that are buds in Baltimore are even awesome.

Basically it's nice to have a squad.

That's why, when I was browsing Instagram while waiting for my flight to Key West, I almost squealed when I saw that Sugarbones had finally released her highly anticipated "Girl Gang" patches. I love everything that Sugarbones does because it's the perfect mix of highly aggressive and completely cute. I snagged five girl gang patches in – in a moment of post-wedding white-dress euphoria – pink and white.

I wanted to do a cute DIY to thank my gang for being so great to me for the past few months. I'd been planning and stressing and talking way too much about wedding related stuff. They were there for all of it – for craft nights, for emergency mall trips, for early morning wedding day panic attacks. My original plan was to do black crew neck sweatshirts with the patch over the heart.

Then I remembered that I had gotten white and pink patches. I realized that white, pink and black would be a little too cutesy – not as much "I will kick your ass if you catcall me," which is the look I was going for.

I went back to the drawing board. Tee shirts? No. I was worried about them holding up in the wash. Bags? Too expensive. I was up against a wall and then the answer hit me in the forehead. Baseball hats. It's summer and I wear my black baseball cap every day to shield my dark hair from the sun. But a white baseball cap? It would keep everyone cool in the summer sun – practical and cute! I headed to Amazon and picked up five matching white baseball caps.

The patches are technically iron ons, but I tend to run things into the ground until I can't possibly wear them anymore, so I figured that sewing them on was a better insurance policy. Also, I have a ton of pink thread and it looked adorable with the pink text and white hat.

This was another super easy DIY (as most of my crafts are, because I am in fact not that crafty). I just used a simple hemming stick and watching some crime shows on Netflix. The finished product has my whole squad looking like an adorably badass baseball team – I mean, what's not to love?