We Got Married!



Well, we did it!

After a whirlwind of planning (and constant debate with Angelo that six months is NOT a lot of time to plan a wedding) I'm officially Mrs. [redacted] Kourdoglou.*

From the start, I had wanted to keep everything as low key and anti-typical wedding as possible, without falling into the trap of being a typical anti-typical wedding. Make sense? Well, it did in my head and for the past six months I worked my butt off to make it happen. I didn't want an engagement ring, I didn't hire a wedding planner, and I refused to use the term "fiancé."

I was so lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive group, especially since my mom is across the country. With the help of my friends, my aunt and Angelo, I can say with 100% confidence that I pulled off the perfect day.

I want to go into detail all of the different DIYs and hard work that went into planning the wedding, but for now let's start off slow with what everyone wants – pictures. I didn't hire a wedding photographer because staged photos give me anxiety and since our reception was open bar in a punk bar, I wasn't really obsessed with having a bunch of photos. Angelo pointed out that my friends are always taking photos, and I knew that every moment I would want to remember would be remembered.

I didn't hire a wedding photographer but that doesn't mean that I didn't have some professional help. I'm super lucky that Kyle Huff was already attending my wedding and I gave him the go ahead (direct order, whatever) to take pictures at our otherwise technology-free ceremony. Another happy development was meeting Aaron Brown  after following each other mutually through social media for a while. I offered him an invitation to an open bar-sushi reception and in exchange he captured some amazing moments. I'm so thankful for both of these guys, the pictures they snagged were amazing!








*Not officially officially, because I still need to take a day off to head to the DMV and Social Security office. But in my heart, officially.