Office Goth's OOTW


While I love sharing baking, DIYs and thrifty tips – the main reason I started blogging was to talk about clothes.

Personal style is pretty important to me. While it's always been a way for me to express myself, it took me a while to figure out what I actually wanted to express. It took me even longer to build up the confidence to wear what I wanted without worrying what someone might think.

When I switched from dog walking to a professional environment, my closet had to adjust. Since I finally reached a point where I loved what I was wearing, I didn't want to throw that all away at the office. I needed to look professional but I didn't want to give up all my personality for cardigans and khakis. It took trial and error for me to figure out what worked and what didn't.

What I didn't realize was that by posting my trials (and my errors) I was actually becoming pretty helpful to other girls in the same situation. The coolest compliment, in my opinion, is when someone lets me know that because of what I post, they began thinking more about what they want to do – and it's cool to know that by posting my outfits I could potentially help someone else show off their personality more in a work setting.

I'm going to start doing an outfit of the week post – but in each post I plan to tackle a question or problem that you, the reader, might come across now and then. Trying to keep your personal style at work? Wondering how to transition that party dress into something a little more office appropriate? Looking for a way to rework your old classics? These are all things I'd love to help with! I want to encourage you to share your questions and closet problems with me – either in the comments of my blog or on Instagram, using the tag #OGOTW – because we're all in this together, right?