We Got a House!

After years and years of renting and house shares – Angelo and I finally got ourselves together enough to rent a house on our own! This may not sound like a giant deal to some people, but it's a pretty big milestone for us.

When Angelo and I first moved in together, there was a fire in our building which ended up condemning the whole place - within a month after we moved in. We had to pack up all our creatures and live out at his mom's for a month. After that, we moved into the teensiest, tiniest apartment on the top floor of an epic old townhome in Bolton Hill. Our legs looked great that year due to all the stairs. When our lease there was up, we stayed in the building but downgraded to the second floor, in a slightly bigger apartment.

It wasn't until Angelo got in his accident that we felt jostled to move again. He wound up having to get surgery on his ankle and was couch bound for almost two months. We packed up and shifted again, this time down the street to a gorgeous apartment that was more "handicap accessible" for our current situation.

We've loved our current apartment, it's great for socializing and comfy for nights in, but after the wedding we began to feel cramped. Apartment living in the city is ideal for couples – saves money, saves space, ect. ect. and houses are a much bigger responsibility financially. We began looking at bigger apartments, but realized that the price point we were looking for could easily get us a house a bit further out of the city. My heart became focused on a yard for the dogs and so we shifted our search.

The struggle in searching is that you start early, find things you love and then watch them disappear. This happened to me with one house – I saw the listing on Craigslist and loved everything about it. It disappeared just as quickly as it was posted, naturally, and set me off in the area looking for something similar. Imagine my surprise when about a month later – the same listing popped back up! I emailed immediately, saying we could come whenever, and then shot a text off to Angelo to let him know.

We lined up a weekend of showings, with my dream house first. The house was close to the Light Rail (a plus for me), was close to our friends, had a fenced in front and back yard and had the benefit of being far enough out of the city while still being close enough to our favorite margarita spot. Plus it had central air.  I loved it – but Angelo made sure we attended the other open houses. The other houses we saw, the more I loved the original house. We filled out the application and waited, anxiously on my part.

I had gotten to the point later that week, where I was convinced that they had passed on us. (I'm a pessimist.) I was refreshing my email on Wednesday night, waiting for Angelo to get home from work, when a new email popped up. I opened it hesitantly, then shrieked when I read that we had gotten the house. At that same moment, Angelo walked in and I bounded over to him, puppies behind me, to share the good news.

I've got a lot of plans for this new space. I can't wait to make it a home for Angelo, myself and our creatures. I'm so happy that I have space for my mom to visit, a yard for puppy play dates and a basement for movie nights. It's going to be a busy next month, but I'm excited to share the changes that we're going to be making. I thought this post would be a good way to share our housing story while also keeping track of my "before" pictures.

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