Confessions of a wall hunter: I make my husband keep the car warm.

Confessions of a wall hunter: I make my husband keep the car warm.

I follow enough blogs and cute Instagram accounts that allow me to stay in a constant state of envy over the colorful, fun wall murals that seem to litter Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago, ect.

And then one day, as Brittany and I were walking back from lunch at Shake Shack – we saw it.

A bright blue wall.

It wasn't big, by any means. It was just designed to direct drivers' attention to a parking garage, but we snapped a picture. Cropped, you couldn't tell how big the wall was. It was just bright, and blue, and great.

It got me thinking – Baltimore is a great city. It's a little rough around the edges, but there are tons of artistic, inspiring people and wonderful pockets of communities throughout the city. And I wanted to hunt for walls.

A wall crawl isn't a revolutionary concept – people do them all the time – but I haven't seen many done in Baltimore. I took to social media (the hashtag #bmorecreatives, run by the instagram account of the same name, yields some great results) and was able to locate certain walls that I wanted to check out.

I enlisted Angelo to come with me – some areas can be rougher then others, and it's also nice to have someone to keep the car warm – and found that you can stumble upon some great walls by just wandering around.

So, maybe this would have been a better project to start when it's not dropping to 18 degrees outside but hey – I didn't plan it out that thoroughly. Here's a first peek at my Baltimore Wall Crawl.


Blue Wall

Pratt St & Gay St.


Geometric Photo Wall

Barclay St. & North Ave.

Angel Wings

320 Eutaw St.


Sandtown Mural Project

N. Monroe St. between Baker & Presstman, artist is @urbanhipsta


To Maryland, With Love

Howard St, between Mulberry & Saratoga

Find a cool wall? Use #bmorewallcrawl so I can see! Until the next installment, happy hunting!