My Journey into Bullet Journaling

Last week, I was chatting with my friend and coworker, Meghan, when she took a moment to show me her bullet journal. I was immediately interested. I had heard about bullet journaling before, and it had been on my back burner, but when I saw Meghan’s dive into organized journaling, I realized I wanted in!

                I use my Day Designer planner R E L I G I O U S L Y at work. It helps me stay on track of tasks and deadlines in my office, and I even save my old DD planners in case I need to look something up at a later date. I’ve been looking for an organizational system to help keep my personal (and blogger) life on track and bullet journaling seemed to present an awesome option.

I took a few nights to scope out different methods, layouts and keys on Pinterest (even going so far as to make a new board) and then headed to Michaels and Target to get my supplies.

To start bullet journaling, all you really need is a journal and a pen – but since I am pro color-coding and decoration, I picked a few extra goodies up.  Here’s what I got:

Second thing on my to-do list was to set up the “chapters” of my bullet journal. I started off with a table of contents that would quickly organize my journal. It went as follows:

  1.     Key
  2.     Yearly Calendar
  3.     Monthly Events and Appointments
  4.     Bills
  5.     52 Books
  6.    Instagram Follower Tracker
  7.    Water / Soda Tracker
  8.    Chore Calendar
  9.     Capsule Wardrobe Tracker
  10.     Weeklies

My table of contents is pretty self explanatory - I'm tracking a mix of personal things and blog related things. I’ll be providing more information on the different categories in future posts! Next thing, I set myself up to create the outline of each category. This was probably the most time consuming but rewarding step.

And ta-da – here it goes! My bullet journal journey has begun!

Here we go! Week 1. 

Have you tried bullet journaling before? What are the different categories you track?