Ok - this photo in front of the Piece Collective is technically from Emma's camera, but the rest are from my phone!

                This past weekend I headed out to LA with my Greek husband and Emma (of the Charm Collectiv) to spend some time with my mama and soak up some sunshine. We explored a ton, and Emma snapped lots of great pictures with her amazing camera. I don’t want to over saturate our shared followers, but I wanted to share my favorite colorful photos that we snapped with my iPhone.

There's tons of color to be found at The Broad!

Venice Beach is full of color - we walked by this on our way to Abbot Kinney.

Another great little alley find!

We definitely detoured to this wall - it's the ultimate Emma backdrop.

After seeing this geometric wave so many times on Instagram, it was great to see it in person!

 A pop of hot pink in the Alfred Tea Room.

Round two of The Infinity Mirror Room - can't wait until these come to DC.

Stumbled upon this eye popping wall on Rose St. after breakfast at the Rose Cafe.

A house fit for a colorful queen on Pacific Coast Highway, next to the house of my dreams.

I’m an over planner, so our weekend was chalked full of stops. I absolutely L O V E taking quick trips. All in all we spent three nights in Los Angeles, just enough time to see lots of amazing things, drink lots of matcha and not let our bodies adjust to the time difference.   Now that my mom’s on the west coast, I try to monitor cheap flights. I’d rather be able to go out and see her a few weekends a year, only missing a day or two of work at the time, than one big trip only once a year. Plus, there are so many cool things going on on the west coast that it’s great to be able to go out during different seasons and times.

I’ve got a couple months until my next trip, but I’ll definitely be remembering this weekend for a while.  What about you? What’s your favorite weekend getaway?