Iceland: Packing

This weekend Angelo and I spent running around like crazy to prepare for our trip to Iceland. We had lots to do – in a short amount of time – but between homework, chores and cooking, I think we did a pretty good job.

The struggle for me came when it was time to pack. I didn't want to over pack (especially with luggage restrictions) so I tried to conduct enough research that would leave me warm, cozy and prepared.

Here's a quick breakdown of what I decided to go with:


- Vitamins: Angelo bought me vitamins for Valentine's Day [a true romantic, that Greek] but now I'm sort of hooked on taking them. I didn't want to bring my whole giant bottle so I put together a week's worth and packed them to go.

- Long underwear and thermal socks: I've got a ton of great outdoor gear thanks to my years of walking dogs – so I threw together my thickest socks and comfiest long underwear. We're going to be outside a lot, so layers are important for staying warm.

- LL Bean Boots: My mom blessed me with these Sherpa lined Bean boots four years ago and I'm never looking back. They're getting harder to fine since they've been back-ordered for what seems like years now – but they're the best for keeping your feet warm in the cold!

- Cameras: I mean... we're going to Iceland. I want to document it! Our friend Ashley was awesome enough to lend us her GoPro - so expect some fun videos.

- A bikini: Say what? We're hitting up the Blue Lagoon before our flight, so I have an excuse to dig my bikini out of summer clothes storage, if only for a week. 

- Red Sweater: I wear a lot of black (if you hadn't noticed) but I love a good pop of color. This chunky sweater from H&M will look great against the snowy mountain landscapes we'll be scoping out.

- A good book: I've got a stack of books I've been meaning to read, so a trip is the perfect time – right?

- Duffel bag: I snagged this bag from Three Leaves Co. when Annmarie sent me a message that she'd be releasing it in black. It's perfect for our destination and it's the exact size for an over packer like me.


Of course I've got the important stuff - layers, layers and more layers - along with one killer coat to keep me cozy. I think Angelo's bag is mainly stocked with socks, underwear and black tee shirts – so we're good to go! What are your must haves for going on a trip?

See you guys next week!