Hi all! So if you follow me - talk to me - know me - whatever, you might have realized that Angelo and I spent last week in Iceland!


It was an amazing experience - once in a lifetime and I encourage everyone to go. Like now. I bit the bullet and bought tickets for Angelo and I over Christmas. We flew through Wow Air, rented a car from Thrifty and stayed in a teensy cabin I found through HomeAway


Wow Air is a relatively new airline that offers some amazing deals on flights to Iceland, as well as connections to a ton of destinations in Europe. Wow Air’s flights are c h e a p - and I’ve heard many people wondering if it’s worth it or a disaster. Here’s my say: Wow Air’s flights themselves are cheap, but there are a lot of add ons that can quickly add up! We were able to bring our carry on bags for free - but they couldn’t be more than 11 lbs. They do weigh your bags when you’re checking in - and I was pretty nervous because we don’t own a scale. My bag of things rounded out at about 8.5 lbs and Angelo’s was around 10. Any extra carry ons, overweight bags, luggage, ect. has to be paid for. 

While doing more research, I saw that drinks and snacks were available for purchase on the plane. I had a frustrating flight (airline will remain unnamed) once where the stewardess wouldn’t give me water until the “set time,” so I had to dry swallow my birth control medication (not fun). Because of this, I always try to bring my own drinks and snacks on flights. Wow Air’s Iceland flight was the same - I stocked up on some drinks and food before we boarded - and we didn’t pay any in flight extra costs for food or drinks. 

Finally - Wow Air does not have wifi. They do have tablets you can rent (for like… $17?!) and then you can rent movies at an additional cost. Angelo and I downloaded a bunch of action movies to my laptop before our flight - so we dodged another set of in flight entertainment costs. 

All in all, the flight was easy. We didn’t have to pay extras for teensy add ons because we did some research and came prepared. I’d definitely recommend Wow Air to friends - if you’re a smart traveler who takes the steps to be prepared, you’ll have a great time!


We rented a car so that we could make the most of our adventure (I've got an aversion to tour buses) and it was a great decision! We made the rental through Thrifty – and it was all so smooth. Their rental office is right on the airport property, so we were picked up by a shuttle driver (who, truthfully, was running a bit late that morning). We rented a car with four wheel drive – which is my recommendation. We had to drive across some pretty crazy roads, and got caught in a snowstorm on our last night – so I was happy with the security the car offered. We didn't grab the extra sand and ash insurance, but I think if we had gone in the summer – I would have bought it.  All in all, renting a car allowed us the most freedom on our trip.


 Our teensy tiny dream home

Our teensy tiny dream home

HomeAway is another great site that the women in my family have been using for vacation rentals for a while now. I had been combing through Airbnb for a cute cabin, but I actually like HomeAway’s process a bit more. It was on their site that I found Nordurnes, a teensy cabin right outside Hella, in South Iceland.

The location was perfect for what we wanted to see. I made the reservation with Maja, the owner, and paid 50% up front. The other 50% was paid a month before the trip. Maja was an excellent host - providing detailed instructions of how to find the cabin (Iceland’s, ah, a little different than the United States with addresses, ect.) and a variety of possible day trips we could take from the cabin.

When we checked in, Maja made sure to introduce herself and offer any assistance we might need. Her house was on the other end of the property, so we had the perfect amount of privacy. It was great having a house to come back to every night - we were able to eat at home more and unwind a bit more each night. I definitely recommend renting a cabin - it’s way cozier than a hotel, and believe me, you’ll be exhausted from all the daytime adventuring!


That’s all the Iceland info I’ll overwhelm you with today! Keep your eyes posted for some more Iceland adventures, coming soon!



Start planning your next adventure! I know I am…