DC: Blind Whino

This past week, I loaded my friends up in my car and headed down to DC to see some bunnies. The bunnies were a light exhibit at the Yards Park – but we had some time to kill and some daylight, so I made a quick detour.

I had seen photos of Blind Whino online, but every time I had come down to DC I had always been on the opposite side of the city. When we got off the highway, I typed the name into my phone and was happy to see we were only a few minutes from it. I didn't exactly explain to my friends what it was – I wasn't entirely sure myself – but luckily they trust me. In under ten minutes we were ooh-ing and aah-ing while we parked the car.

Blind Whino is a non profit arts club and event space that was created by Shane Pomajambo and Ian Callender. The mission of Blind Whino is awesome – they want to provide a functional art space for people to come and learn about arts culture through exhibits, performances and workshops. One of the main principals of Blind Whino is that art is a catalyst for change in a community - which is great!


When the girls and I rolled up, we were taken aback by the building itself. Blind Whino is housed in a former Baptist Church – but completely covered in amazing colors and patterns. We went a little picture crazy exploring the outside, when Ian came outside to welcome us in to check out the gallery and space.


Inside was even more amazing. The current exhibit, "Destroy and Create," which is up until March 20th, reflects on skate culture by bringing in a diverse array of artists to show what skate culture means to them. We looked around in surprised wonder – picking our favorite pieces and texting our significant others to tell them they needed tocome check this place out.

We explored the whole building – downstairs are galleries and an open show space, but upstairs is an enormous open space, decorated from floor to ceiling with amazing paintings – similar to the outside. Ian explained to us that they host events – from weddings to shows to parties – and it made me wish I had some reason to host something. Maybe a vow renewal will be in order for our one year anniversary?

blind whino 9.jpg

Blind Whino is free to visit. It's an amazing place – inside and out – and their mission is admirable and inspiring. I've definitely added this space to my list of places to keep my eye on. I can't wait to see what exhibit they'll be hosting next.


Be sure to check it out and tell me what you think!