A Talk with @TheBmoreCreatives

Talking about social media, there are two camps: for and against. I'm staunchly for. Social media can be a really amazing community. I think it's a great way to open up, to share similar interests and to make friends. Friends in other cities have utilized social media in some really neat ways – going on different meet ups and excursions – but I never really found anything similar in Baltimore, so you can bet I was excited when I discovered @thebmorecreatives.

The Bmore Creatives is an Instagram account run by two awesome girls, Lucie and Alexa. Their hashtag has taken Baltimore by storm, and I'm exploring the city every day through their feed. They're definitely forerunners in the Baltimore IG community, and it's been awesome to see how they're able to connect different people across the city. Networking can be an intimidating thing, but these girls have created a friendly, supportive community in Baltimore City, that encourages creative thinking.

Recently, Lucie and Alexa have started to host more events – and I couldn't be more pumped. For their first event, they partnered with the National Aquarium to host an early morning meetup of creative Instagrammers, they've hosted giveaways to drum up interest in different food festivals, and more recently, they hosted "Creatives and Cocktails" – a cocktail event for creative minds at La Cuchara.

All these events have been awesome opportunities to put faces to feeds and network ideas about creative events in Baltimore. I took the opportunity to ask the girls a couple questions – so without further adieu, meet Lucie and Alexa!

Hey girls! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Can you give us a little bit of background on each of you?

For some background, neither of us are actually Baltimore natives. Alexa grew up in rurual New Hampshire and moved to Baltimore after graduating from Goucher in 2014. She now works for Johns Hopkins University teaching Math online for the Center for Talented Youth and is working towards her Master's in Applied and Computational Mathematics. Lucie is originally from outside Boston and, like Alexa, is a Goucher grad. She's currently working as a graphic designer for the Orioles and freelancing on the side.

What made you two combine forces and start @thebmorecreatives?

We'd been living in the city for about a year but always found it somewhat difficult to keep tabs on all of the cool stuff that's constantly going on. Baltimore has such a massive creative spirit, from artists and small businesses to workshops and events, but it's not often publicized enough. As huge fans of Instagram who are constantly drawing information from people we follow, we thought it would be the perfect platform. Our plan was to create an account that we ourselves would want to follow to learn about what's going on in the city's creative community.

What's been your greatest achievement with @thebmorecreatives?

Recently, a local artist whose work we had reposted reached out to us and said that after our post, she'd received over 40 new orders and two retail inquiries. That was really amazing for us to hear, because that's always been the end goal: to promote local artists and businesses and get people excited about the creativity within their community. It was really sort of a shock to see that our account has grown so much that it can have such a strong impact like that.

What do you guys like to do when you're not working or running your account?

We wouldn't call ourselves foodies, but exploring new restaurants and bars we haven't been to is always at the top of the list. We're also anything but sporty, but we enjoy a good kickball game or bike ride through the city.

Who are some of your favorite Baltimore accounts to follow?

If our feed shows anything, it's that there are so many amazing Instagrammers in Baltimore! Some of our favorites to follow are @balti_gurls, @eatmorebaltimore, @30thandweldon, @strangerswithstyle, and @anniehowepapercuts. But honestly, there are too many to list. We spend so much time just scrolling through #thebmorecreatives hashtag because there are so many talented artists on there.

What are your long term goals for @thebmorecreatives?

We definitely want to start hosting more events that create spaces for creatives to connect. We'd love to collaborate with local artists and small businesses and find more ways to promote their work, both online and in real life. Overall, since The Bmore Creatives has been 100% built on our followers from the start, we want to continue creating something that our followers want, always going off of feedback and suggestions from them.

Final question – what inspires you about Baltimore?

The diversity of the city really inspires us and is something that we are always striving to showcase more on our feed. We want to work towards representation of people from each area of the city, because each community has it's own vibrant personality and creativity within itself. We also love that there's always so much to do. The fact that events can sometimes be hard to find, it almost makes them more special, because if gives you the feeling that there are a million little hidden gems going on every night.


           I'd like to thank Lucie and Alexa for taking the time to answer my questions. Through their answers, they've presented a clear example of how great social media can be. The Bmore Creatives has created a community in a city where one was lacking. So join the feed, #thebmorecreatives. Tune in, get inspired and explore. It's so worth it.