I'm Back.

Hi All! Thanks for turning into the rebooted, relaunched "Office Goth." In the same thread as all good reboots, things will be a little different – but pretty much the same.

The main focus of The Office Goth is how to manage growing up through self-care. This sort of self-care can include a variety of things – from healthy dinners that will save you time and money, adventures to take with your friends on a long weekend or even just a great new book or lipstick that you had to have.

I'll be keeping you updated on what the week holds with a quick email each Monday morning. Interested in being my pen-pal? Subscribe to the email list in the bottom right of this page and see what the week entails! That way I can hear from you too; what you're doing, eating, buying.

I'm excited to launch this new venture. So take a look around the site and let me know what you think. Have a great weekend – I'll talk to you Monday morning!