Spicy Kale Salad

LA on My Mind: The Honor Bar's Spicy Kale Salad

           During our weekend on the West Coast, we spent Saturday in Santa Barbara, exploring Lotusland (more on that later) and afterwards we made a pit stop at the Honor Bar for the most amazing kale salad I've ever had.

This is a pretty broad statement for me, since I only got into kale salads in this past year. Still, the Honor Bar's spicy kale salad was to die for. It was also gigantic, so it was my lunch and dinner for my Saturday in LA. It's a simple salad, with a peanut vinaigrette, some fresh herbs, cheese, and Serrano peppers. The peppers give the salad an awesome kick, but the herbs and cheese cool it down. The total result is crisp and refreshing – which is perfect for when you're out, about and battling jet lag. 

When I got back to Baltimore, I put my mind to recreating my dream salad. I figured I could do it, and grabbed the ingredients from the store.



I took direction from the Chrissy Teigen school of kale salads and I cooked my kale, for about five seconds a piece, in boiling water. Once my kale was cooked and dried, I minced it into smaller pieces. Make sure you dry your kale, or you'll be snacking on one soggy salad. 

I de-seeded the Serrano pepper to cut down on heat, minced it and added it to the kale. Then I added the chopped mint, cilantro and cabbage. I mixed everything together, then topped with grated Parmesan cheese and chopped peanuts. Finally, I added the Thai Peanut vinaigrette and – bam! A total copycat of the killer kale salad I snacked on in LA.

Seriously simple, right? I could have made it a little fancier and DIY'd my dressing, but it's a week night. All in all, it took less than twenty minutes and I got to relive my trip to LA for the night.


What's been the best meal you've eaten on vacation? Have you tried to recreate it once you got home?