Galley Foods x Office Goth

        It was a dark and stormy… week. Personally, I love rainy weather because it presents ample opportunities to stay in, snuggle my dogs and binge watch crime shows. However, sometimes life rears it's head and you can't spend a rainy day on the couch. You have to go to work. Or school. Or Target. Last week, the trifecta of business hit my household. I had work, my Greek husband had school and the sun refused to show itself for six days straight.


By the time I got home, it was still raining, I was exhausted and the couch was calling my name. My Greek husband wasn't due home for another two hours, but I had no energy to cook – so I decided it was the perfect opportunity for takeout. Except, well, I have some irrational feelings about takeout. I struggle with ordering takeout, mainly because while chicken parm subs are delicious, they wind up making me feel slow and sluggish. So call me cranky, but I hate spending money on unhealthy foods that I'll just wind up regretting.

That's when I remembered Galley Foods, a local company I had happened on during my trip to the Emporiyum. Galley Foods focuses on using fresh, seasonal ingredients in their weekly menus. This company presents such a great alternative to takeout, it'll make you change your whole viewpoint on delivery food. I placed two orders of the spring pasta with seared steak and they were delivered to my house minutes before my Greek husband walked in the door.

All I had to do was preheat the oven, and the rest was simple. Galley's containers are oven safe, so you follow the minor directions (in my case, it was to put the herb butter on my steaks) and cook for ten minutes. The steak was perfectly cooked, which impressed my Greek husband greatly, and the spring pasta was delicious. It was something I never would have thought of whipping up, but now I've added it to my list of recipes to recreate. 

The important things to know about Galley Foods are:


Galley provides a healthy and convenient option for when you're just too swamped to make dinner. It's affordable, tasty, and totally hassle free. They're currently serving the Baltimore and Washington, DC areas for dinner, so head on over to their site to see if you're in their service area! Even better, use my code: for $10 off your first meal. I mean, what are you waiting for?