Gundalow Juice x Office Goth

   Ah, springtime in Maryland. Fifty degree weather, no sunshine and tons of rain. Last week it seemed like we'd never see the sun again and rather than let the weather related depression take over, I decided to fake it until I could make it to sunshine and spring time.

My grandmother only drank white wine, but in the summer she would switch it up and drink white wine spritzers. When I was a kid, she would have me pick them up for her at the country club bar – a surreal location where no one bats an eye at a twelve year old with glasses and braces ordering wine. Anyways, now that I've decided that white wine is my go-to drink of choice, I decided that this would be the year to tackle the perfect spritzer.

I wanted to make a fun, different spritzer, but not tumble into sangria territory. I was scrolling through Pinterest, looking for inspiration, when I remembered the conversation I had with Dana at Gundalow Juice a few weeks ago. Dana had told me that Gundalow Juice had been picked up by a few local bars, who wanted to use their juices as mixers. Immediately, I bolted to my fridge to see which juices I had in stock.

Yes, that's right, I try to keep at least two S.S. Veggies in my fridge at all time – but I was thrilled to discover that my Greek husband had left me a Watermelon Waves. Watermelon Waves is one of Gundalow Juice's new seasonal drinks, and I'd been dying to try it.

The normal rule for spritzers is to add one part club soda to every three parts of wine. It's good to use a wine you actually like, so I used a Sauvignon Blanc that I had a bottle of, but I've read online that Riesling also is pretty delicious. So, add three parts wine (I posted measurements above, but everyone's different) and one part club soda. Next, I added some Gundalow Juice. I added two parts Watermelon Waves and then a splash more club soda to balance it out.

I garnished it with the fruit I had in the fridge and – voila! A fresh, crisp, bubbly drink to make me feel like it's sunny outside.

Gundalow Juices are perfect for these types of drinks because they're light and not overwhelmed with any extra ingredients. In all honesty, you don't even really need to add wine. Just mix some Watermelon Waves with some club soda and you've got yourselfa mocktail spritzer. If you're in the Baltimore area, they'll deliver to you – or you can find their juices at places like Ceremony Coffee.

What have you been sipping on to make it feel like spring?