Throwback Thursday: A Mental Health Day at Dumbarton Oaks

    Some days, you just need a break. The past few months have been so awesome, while simultaneously being so busy. My calendar is a mess of different reminders for different events, meetings, bills, and so on. I love it – but I also can get pretty overwhelmed when my alone time is interrupted. Consider me an extroverted-introvert.

Ever since my Greek husband started school, we've been adjusting to our new schedules and routines. I've been trying to balance having time to myself, time with my husband and time with my friends. I think it's really important to put your foot down sometimes and let people know – hey, I need a night at home, alone with my dogs and Netflix.

It's also nice to take a weekend off from social extracurricular activities and do something for yourself. This past weekend, I headed to Georgetown to relive my high school youth and stop by Dumbarton Oaks. I grew up right outside of Georgetown and have so many happy memories of time spent there – but I can't say I ever checked out Dumbarton Oaks. (Disclaimer: After talking to my mom, apparently I have checked out Dumbarton Oaks – as a baby.)

I asked Emma if she wanted to join me, and we headed down – my Greek husband in tow. There was rain in the forecast, it was hot and humid – basically a typical Maryland summer day. We walked our way uphill from M Street to Dumbarton Oaks.

Currently, the museum at Dumbarton is closed for renovations – but that didn't stop us from exploring/getting lost in the gardens for the afternoon. We tried our best to read the maps, but spent our time exploring the dreamy garden – taking time to cool off in the Eclipse fountain, humming Poison songs through the rose garden and just enjoying our time. As we left to walk back to our car, the rain started to fall – cooling us off after our active afternoon.

I highly recommend checking out Dumbarton Oaks if you're in the area for the day, but there are lots of other gardens in the area as well! I've made a quick little list – and I definitely plan on exploring them this summer.

·       Hillwood Estate, Washington DC 

·       Ladew Topiary Gardens, Monkton, MD

·       The National Arboretum , Washington, DC

·       Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna, VA 

·       Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA 

What's your favorite place to take a mental health day? Let me know in the comments below - maybe I'll check it out!


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