Trips to Remember: The Blue Lagoon

Remember when we went to Iceland? I do. It was an amazing experience that was made even more perfect by a mix of intense planning (me) and going with the flow (my Greek husband). I planned and studied and combed through all my resources to find out what we should do. Still, no amount of my planning could beat when my Greek husband took a back road to our cabin and we discovered a gorgeous river on a teensy bridge – completely vacant of people.

           One of the issues with researching with blogs is you need to get a feel for whose speaking. I found the most conflict with this when researching the Blue Lagoon. There were people who swore against it – it's crowded, it's overpriced, it smells – and there were people who raved – it's gorgeous, it's warm, the food's great. Which to believe?

Well, believe them both, but keep positive. The negatives aren't trip ruiners.

First thing's first. Book your ticket in advance!

The Blue Lagoon has timed entries, each hour, so I booked us the first time slot on the day of our flight home. There will be a queue, so be prepared to have about a half hour wait (between signing in, changing and getting into the water). Now that you're mentally prepared – there's no reason to grump.

Second, don't worry about the public showers.

The Blue Lagoon requires you shower – without your swimsuit – before getting into the water. The website makes it sound like you get herded into a group shower area, similar to gym class, while security makes sure that you follow the rules. I mentally prepared myself – but once I got to the shower station, I was greeted with individual shower cubbies. So no need to panic about public nudity. Step in the shower, lather up your hair with the complementary conditioner (seriously) and then hop out and head to the water.

Third, did you hear me when I said lather your hair with conditioner?

I'll say it again: lather. Your. Hair. I did and then tucked it up into a bun. I was a little self conscious about my bangs being pulled up but then I remembered that I was in Iceland and the only person I knew there was married to me and had seen me looking my best & worst – bangs or no bangs. Load up on conditioner because the sulfur in the water can totally damage your hair.

Fourth, don’t be self-conscious, go hard with the face masks.

The face masks are amazing. Go, use them, and be amazed at how your skin clears up. We received complementary silica mud and algae masks and honestly, it cleared up problem areas on my skin that I didn't even realize I had.  At first I was a little hesitant to try them, mainly because I was still imagining how weird my face looked sans bangs and didn't want to look like an idiot. My Greek husband, however, hightailed it to the masks to try them out and within seconds my face was covered in silica mud. Once the process was complete, I wanted to go back for more. The masks make your skin feel amazing.

Fifth and final tip, you don't need to use that free drink coupon on alcohol.

This is sort of a weird final tip I guess. My Greek husband and I took a break to eat midway through our Blue Lagoon time, and we both had a free drink coupon with our tickets. Usually, when I get a free drink ticket – my mind goes straight to margaritas. At the Blue Lagoon, however, my mind was on a different route. We were there before our flight, we weren't trying to spend a ton of money, and we were sweating out tons of toxins due to the heat of the lagoon and the sauna. My advice is to spend that free drink ticket on something that will hydrate you – maybe even something with electrolytes if you can find it. After all, your immune system's always kind of crappy when you're travelling – and airports are germy.


Want a sixth ~*bonus tip? Leave your phone in your locker. I brought my phone and the GoPro out for a few moments to snap some pictures, then went right back inside to deposit them safely in my bag. You'll see people with their fair share of selfie sticks, waterproof cases and the like, but I found the best part of the Blue Lagoon was just taking it in with my husband. 


So those are my Blue Lagoon tips. All in all, the experience was flawless. Stepping out of the changing rooms, it was like walking into another world. It should be on everyone's bucket list, for sure.