Remember last week when I gave some tips on how to have a solid vacation? One of the most important one was to roll with the punches – stuff's going to go wrong and there's not much you'll be able to do to fix it. Sometimes it's better to accept that and not let it ruin your trip.

No sooner had I written it then it had happened.




My goal was to spend my vacation reading, applying sunscreen and taking photos of horses on the beach… so naturally our housing fell through  two days before we were set to go on vacation. We suddenly had nowhere to stay. It was back to the drawing board if we wanted to still get away.

I'll admit, I was ready to throw in the towel. I wanted to go home and cry and eat some ice cream and sit inside for the time I had taken off - like a modern day Charlotte Bronte heroine. But then my Greek husband mentioned he was bummed because he really wanted to go to the beach and this was his only time off from school. That snapped me back into problem solving - this roadblock wasn't just mine, but ours. 


After an afternoon of research, we shifted our plan and on Thursday morning we made our way to Virginia Beach.

We'd never been to Virginia Beach before, and were pretty excited when we realized there are about sixteen miles of beaches to explore. We split a frozen margarita and soaked up sunshine on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk, we met a body surfing Boston Terrier named Jimbo at the more low-key local Chick's Beach (and found some secret parking spots), and we lounged for a late afternoon at Ocean View Beach.

We also made our way into Norfolk to get a feel for the area, and you can bet I was psyched when we came on wall upon wall, upon wall. Here were a few of my favorites:


Bob's Gun Shop Wall by Nick Kuszyk a.k.a. R R O B O T S


Widow's Walk by Mickael Broth & James "Barf" Callahan


Happier Times by Troy Summerell


Bloom by Carl Medley III and Charles Rasputin


 Isn't my Greek husband super photogenic?

All in all, it was an amazing vacation. I got to relax, read books and soak up sunshine with my favorite vacation accomplice. It made me think, my Greek husband and I have gone on a ton of vacations together – he's my favorite travel buddy. We've stayed in crappy motels, fancy houses, even spent a freezing night in a tent with a deflated air mattress and two puppies. Some of those things might not sound like ideal, but whenever we're on vacation together - I can't stop myself from just being happy to spend time together. 

We all have grand ideas of what we want our vacations to be – but in all honesty, those rarely pan out. Next time you go on a trip, remember what's important – you're exploring, you're seeing new stuff and you're with people you love.


Enjoy your next adventure!