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Work & Play: A Capsule Wardrobe Recap, Pt. 1

Work & Play: A Capsule Wardrobe Recap, Pt. 1

                Happy Monday! I’ve successfully gone seven days with a Capsule Wardrobe and (if I make it through today) seven days without Coca Cola. Big life adjustments, basically. I wanted to start doing a weekly recap of my Capsule Wardrobe outfits – mainly because I’m a creature of routine who wants to see any patterns, and partly because I thought maybe you guys would enjoy it?

Here we go:


Forever21 Shift Dress, Boohoo Duster, YRU Boots and Necklaces from Brightside Boutique



Urban Outfitters Mini Skirt, Madewell Tee Shirt, Nike Sneakers



Vintage Calvin Klein Dress, YRU Boots and Sunglasses from Eye Buy Direct



Brandy Melville Overalls, J. Crew Tee Shirt, Necklaces from Brightside Boutique and Forever21 Jellies




Urban Outfitters Tee Shirt Dress, Levis Bandana and Steve Madden Combat Boots



Urban Outfitters Camo Shorts, Boohoo Crop Top, Urban Outfitters Baseball Cap and Spitfire Sunglasses



Boohoo Pleated Skirt, Heart Print Blouse from H&M, H&M Ballet Flats


So far I’m loving a Capsule Wardrobe. My getting ready times have drastically decreased and I’ve felt like my outfits are a bit more fun – and uniquely “me.” A lot of times when I’m overloaded with clothing options, it seems like I stay less true to myself and more so just dress to fit in.

Now it’s time to clean out my closet. I’ve got about four bags of clothes ready to go and will be having a little yard sale on Saturday. Wish me luck!

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