This weekend I put my buddy Emma in my car at 8:00 a.m. (sorry Emma!) and made my way down to D.C. Our first stop was Union Market for some Takorean bowls, and then we made our way across the city to hunt for some colorful walls and grab some dairy free ice cream.

We met up with some of my oldest friends for breakfast and I went through my plan for the day. It was then that my friend Richard raised the question; “How do you find this stuff?”

It’s a question I’ve been asked before, and I always go into a long winded explanation. I tried to think of the best response to this question, and wanted to list my answers here in case anyone wants to get into wall hunting.


1.       I do a lot of research!

Each time I go on a trip, I start my research on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great search engine for me because it presents everything in a visually pleasing format, and it helps me jump from things I might know of already to new surprises.


2.       I utilize Instagram.

I use location search and hashtags to search for things I found on Pinterest. This gives me a clear idea of where things are and where I can find them. I also follow accounts that highlight creative and cool elements of cities – @thebmorecreatives and @acreativeDC are two accounts that are local to me but you can find accounts like this in your city too! I look through their feeds, as well as their hashtags to see what people are tagging to these accounts.


3.       I ask questions.

If I see something amazing that I want to check out and it isn’t tagged, I just ask! A lot of times people (myself included) don’t geotag each picture. If I see a cool wall or exhibit and can’t find more information on it, I go right to the source and ask the person who posted it. The majority of the time, people are more than happy to share information!


4.       I leave it up to chance.

After all that research, sometimes it’s best to just leave things up to chance. If I head out to explore a certain neighborhood, it’s fun to just look around. You never know what you’ll find – and sometimes that’s the best way to explore!