Let's Talk Personal Style

One of the things I wanted to talk about more this year was the development of my Capsule Wardrobe. I went back to utilizing a Capsule Wardrobe because I liked that it took the stress out of getting dressed. Some people will probably roll their eyes at that and think I’m being dramatic, but for me, getting dressed to go out has always been a bit overwhelming. Too many options, too many trends, too many things to consider – the weather, who I might be with, blah blah blah. Building up a Capsule Wardrobe has allowed me to figure out what pieces in my closet make me feel good no matter what other contributing factors (PMS, bumping into someone, getting trapped under a vent) could arise.


That being said, I’ve been thinking a lot about personal style lately. I’ve been not-so-guiltily watching the newest season of America’s Next Top Model and the main focus of this new, revamped season is about branding. It’s interesting to tie together personal style with personal branding, but as a blogger trying to build her site it’s definitely something that I pay attention to. To be successful, it’s important build a “brand” or image that people are drawn to and interested in, but you don’t want to build something that’s inauthentic to yourself.


In planning out this year’s blog posts, I’ve been thinking a lot about the goal of my site and my personal “brand.” When I first started blogging, I really had no idea what I wanted to talk about. I basically posted pictures of my outfits until I lost interest, and so the cycle went for months. There are so many amazing fashion bloggers out there that I felt it was impossible to compete. On the same level, there are so many amazing, crafty bloggers out there – I didn’t have the time or the talent to try to commit to building that sort of brand.


I thought about my personal image – who I am to those closest to me – and realized I was a person who made plenty of mistakes, but used my experiences to grow and help my friends. I didn’t want to shy away from the roadblocks in my life, I refused to let them detract from the person I had grown to become. That’s where the whole revamp of my blog came in. Not quite a lifestyle blog, more like the diary of your friend’s older sister – honest about her screw ups, confident in her future.


What – you might be wondering – does any of that have to do with personal style? Well, as I became more confident in myself, I became more interested in dressing for myself. I love a good trend, but I didn’t want to dress a certain way just to become “popular” (a total subjective term). I love my friends, but I didn’t want to dress as carbon copies of them. I wanted to wear what made me feel good and what made me feel me.


I’ve talked about this before – that I think a Capsule Wardrobe helps you tune in to your most authentic personal style – but one of the things I’m hoping to tackle this year through a sprinkling of outfit posts is that just because a Capsule Wardrobe focuses on minimizing your possessions doesn’t mean that you have to become totally Pinterest-aesthetic/French-style/minimal. Clothes are such a fun way to show off your personality and what inspires you!


I’m excited to see what these closet exercises bring to my writing and to the blog. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Outfit details – Lace Top (Missguided) // Overalls (American Eagle, old – similar) // Sneakers (Missguided) // Clutch (StudioDIY)

 behind every winter style post, there's AT LEAST one photo of a girl cursing herself for doing this when it's freezing out. if you deny this, you are a liar. 

behind every winter style post, there's AT LEAST one photo of a girl cursing herself for doing this when it's freezing out. if you deny this, you are a liar.