Las Vegas

One of the things I really like about wall crawling is that it usually leads me to cool, artistic areas of each city. Lots of cities are starting to get pretty seriously into murals – and Las Vegas proved no different. Las Vegas is host each year to the Life is Beautiful festival – full of amazing music, food and art. The Life is Beautiful arts program invites mural artists from around the world to decorate downtown Las Vegas – and even though we were visiting months after it happened, it presented me with the opportunity to see some of my favorite artists, like Fafi, D*Face, Pixel Pancho and more!

Mind you - Las Vegas gets cold? My Greek husband and I were definitely sick - if you can't tell by my puffy-sinus-face but hey, we all suffer for art right? We hit up the Arts District on Christmas Eve and it was empty, save for one other guy walking around taking photographs. My favorite mural we saw? Fafi's piece, located in the parking lot of a random little motel - marked "GUESTS ONLY." There was no way I was going to let a little signage keep me from seeing that piece up close. Fafi was the first street artist I ever got in to, so it's really her I have to thank for all the colorful wall crawl adventures that I've gone on!