Style Mood Boards

Hey gang! So, I’m trying to do at least two posts a month on personal style development. I got a lot of positive feedback and interest on my first personal style post, so I wanted to talk more about the whole process of figuring out your own personal style.

Sometimes we rush in to defining what exactly our personal style is – as a recent episode of ANTM pointed out to me (no shame, my husband and I watch it weekly during dinner). You might say something like – “my personal style is hippie chic” but then you realize you really just wear a lot of jeans and graphic tees. Sure, if you had unlimited funds you might have a hippie chic style that puts all others to shame, but it might not be exactly what your closet is working with.

I think that before you can really define your personal style, it’s important to take a look at where you are with your look and where you want to be. For me, I utilize a two step process to do this: I hashtag all my favorite outfit photos with an easy tag (#officegothstyle) so that I can quickly pull up my favorite outfits that I’ve put together and see similarities or differences. This helps me see where I am with my look and what my personal preferences for trends, colors, ect. My next step focuses more on where I want to be with my look. I utilize Pinterest to save street style looks that I love, trends I’m drawn to and pieces that I want to daydream that I can afford. The more I build my dream closet board, the more I see what vibes I want to carry through to my day to day looks. 

These steps allow me to create a style mood board – sort of reminiscent of my days in high school when I would cut out looks from Vogue and tape them to my walls. Combining what’s actually in my closet with what I wish was in my closet, the two roads merge into one and I’m able to better understand how I want to define my personal style.

Basically I translate STYLE BOARD...



In looking at the style mood board I’ve built, I have a better understanding of the style that I put out. Like I said last month – sometimes we get swept up in achieving a specific “image” and we wind up putting out a style vibe that’s actually pretty inauthentic to our personalities. I think this happens to a lot of burgeoning bloggers – trying to keep up with successful social media aesthetics can often wind up burning people out. (I actually talked about it a little last week!)

One of the things I’m trying to accomplish with these personal style discussion type posts is showing that personal style isn’t just about the clothes you wear – it also fits in to the aesthetics of your life. While trying new things can be fun and rewarding, I think it’s important we all remember that you can’t shy away from the things that make you, well, you! Working overtime to achieve an aesthetic that doesn’t come naturally is exhausting! Staying in touch with your most authentic self is good on so many levels – it’s good for your mental health, it helps people get to know you and it keeps you from getting burnt out!

Do you feel in touch with your personal style? If no, how do you get back on track?



Outfit details for this outfit are the same as my last post, but wall details are different! 

Wall Details: 10,000 Buddhas Wall by Amanda Giacomini, 1450 P St NW, Washington DC.