House Goals


I’m a big sucker for interior design. You can abandon me with a stack of interior decorating books and an iced tea and I probably wouldn’t notice you were gone for a few hours.

When we found our house, I started to think long and hard about how I wanted it to look. Of course I love the all-white wall / minimalist / tons of plants vibe that so many cool, trendy houses seem to capture, but it got to a point where I had to be realistic.

We’ve got a lot of animals, including a kitten who is convinced he should be a vegetarian (aka he eats plants) and a deaf dog who feels personally offended by the suggestion that maybe he shouldn’t lounge on the furniture. We needed a pet friendly home that showed who we were, not who we wanted to be.

I tried to think about what makes us, us – as cheesy as that sounds. I wanted that reflecting in our home. I’m a really big memory person. I’ve got so many wonderful memories – from my childhood and from my relationship with my Greek husband – I wanted to draw on those memories for our new home.

I’m really excited to see how the house transforms over the next few months. My Greek husband keeps reminding me that there’s no need to rush with decorating – we own it after all. Combine that with the fact that my mindset about clutter and decoration has changed since reading “The Magical Art of Tidying Up,” and I’m ready to take on this project.

For now, feel free to enjoy some BEFORE pictures. Can’t wait for the after!