Gallery Wall Goodies



I should totally be working on a million other things right now, but instead I’m taking a little mental health break and typing up this post!

We just hosted our annual Friendsgiving / first and only Housewarming Party. I really love Friendsgiving as a holiday in general – Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday mainly due to my love of mashed potatoes. I also love bringing people together in my home, but I can’t lie – the preparation process is usually pretty overwhelming.

Definitely overwhelming this year since three nights before we were due to host around thirty of our closets friends – our house was a mess. Boxes everywhere, yet to be unpacked. Posters and prints that needed to be hung. A kitchen that communicated it belonged to two very busy people who didn’t have time to go through mail or put dry goods away.

But we did it, we got everything pulled together, hung where it was supposed to go, cleaned, vacuumed and swept. Sure, our spare guest room is still full of boxes but hey – doesn’t everyone have one room that they totally hide from guests? We’ve only been moved in a month, people.

Anyways, back to the point of this post – I wanted to list some of the artists whose works we have hanging on our walls. I love a good gallery wall just like the rest of them, and I love finding new things to put up. We’ve filtered some things out over the years but I’m excited on our current set up – it’s a good mix of both my style and my Greek husband’s general vibe.


Office Goth Gallery Wall Goodies


1. Hell Here Print – Tim Burton’s Batman movies will forever be considered my favorite Batman movies. Sure, Christopher Nolan has created a dark and brooding universe fit for Bruce Wayne but like, c’mon, do you remember Selena Kyle’s apartment? Her interior design style inspired me before I even knew what interior design style was, and this print is a total call back to her girly apartment.

2. Portraits – I’m a sucker for portraits and I have a bunch scattered throughout my house. My friend Ashley first gifted me these pet portraits by one of her best friends, Corrine, and man, my obsession with Corrine’s work has just snowballed since then. I’m still not entirely convinced she’s not a real life elf – but that hasn’t stopped me from filling my house with her watercolors. Her pet portraits are to die for but her original works are also amazing.

3. Headphone Snob – I snagged this from my mom when she was moving to the West Coast – can you believe she was going to throw it away? We actually had a much larger painting of two headphone snobs but at the time I was living in a studio apartment and I didn’t have the space for it. This little lady has been in my family since, well, forever, and I’m happy that she’s found a permanent home above our record player. It just seems appropriate.

4. Saint Dolly Parton Print – it’s my personal believe that you should have at least one print that will potentially offend that one annoying relative you have. My pick is this print of Dolly Parton as the Virgin Mary. I don’t think I need to explain it any further.

5. Hank the Cowdog Poster – another goodie from my childhood, Hank the Cowdog is the hero from a series of children’s books from the 80s. This print is so faded and old, but it’s another one that I stole from my mom when she was moving. It’s torn up and faded, which makes it fit in perfect in our stairwell – where it will no doubt become further sun-bleached over the years. I could buy a new one, but I just like the history of this.

6. Baby Driver Poster – when my friend Natalie saw Baby Driver, she raved about it for like two weeks straight and I foolishly wrote it off as “yeah, it looks cool, but I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD.” I waited, and when I finally sat down to watch it – I was obsessed. So, when Society6 was having one of their sales, I snagged this minimalist style Baby Driver poster – and it’s one of my new favorite pieces in my home.

7. Werewolves on Wheels – marriage is about compromise so when I asked my Greek husband if he was okay with me painting the fireplace pink – he agreed after setting the boundary that he could pick the shade. Once I won that round, I decided to make our living room area into more of a neutral space – and I wanted to have a piece of art that fit with his vibe. This involved me falling down a black hole and searching “motorcycles” on – but it did lead me to this poster for a 1970s movie about a werewolf motorcycle gang that was taken over by the bride of Satan. I mean – what more could you want for your living room?

8. Psychic Girl – my Greek husband bought me this print around two years ago – and I wish I could remember the artist’s name, but L. I do know that we bought it at an art show that was put on by an all-girl motorcycle club, which is probably the coolest sentence I’ve ever typed.

9. Rainbow Garlands – I’ve fully embraced my county living status, my Greek husband pointed out to me last Sunday. He told me this after he clocked my outfit – yoga pants and an oversized thermal – and heard me explain I was heading to Target to pick up my weekly stock of grapefruit La Croix. Well, whatever! Anyways, Michaels is right next to Target, so on one of my weekend Target runs I stopped by and grabbed this little rainbow garland. It’s technically for Christmas, but I think it’s holiday-neutral enough to stay out year round. Plus I love how it looks with the pink fireplace.

10. Sailor Moon Attack Weapons – I’ve been a Sailor Moon fan since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I decided to be vocally into it. You know, like, sometimes you’re embarrassed because your friends don’t think something’s cool – so you hide your love for it? Anyway, that’s a post for another time. I picked up this Sailor Moon print from the wonderful Paulina Ganucheau years ago at Small Press Expo – which I recommend to anyone looking for cute art. This print has travelled with me through all my homes in Baltimore and I’m excited that it’s here in our permanent space.