DC: Calico


This past weekend, I made my way down to DC for one of my Saturday morning visits with one of my oldest friends. My friend had seen a video for the newest exhibit at Artechouse, immediately bought tickets and told me which day to free up on my calendar.

I took this as the opportunity to finally get my butt to Blagden Alley. I’d been wanting to check this little area out because it’s got some really neat street art, and when I stumbled upon Calico during my online research (thanks to DC-based blog, “Bitches Who Brunch”) I requested we stop there for a bite.


What: Calico is a new restaurant in Blagden Alley from the team that’s brought together Tiger Fork and the Fainting Goat. It’s a self-deemed “Urban Backyard” and for good reason – Calico’s got an awesome back yard. The space is set up with lights and pink tiled tables, and the staff was even smart enough to provide blankets and warm beverages for outdoor seating.

I loved the pink theme that Calico embraced. From the pink tile tables to the metallic pink menus, even the floral hints on the lights, it’s totally fun and insta-aesthetic worthy. I see a lot of pink in places like NYC and LA, but I haven’t really seen the theme hit the Baltimore / DC area. This was an awesome surprise!  


Calico has a limited menu but we decided to try a variety of things – mac-n-cheese, squash soup and the veggie burger. We also tried their personalized “adult juice boxes.” We especially loved the Blagden Rose: a mix of vodka, passionfruit liquor, pineapple and cranberry. I could have spent the whole afternoon in their backyard, sipping on juice boxes and hanging out by the heaters.

Where: Blagden Alley! There’s a variety of places you could check out in this little area – La Colombe Coffee Roasters, Tiger Fork and Los and Found. Plus there are plenty of cute corners with pops of street art. My favorite. 


Parking: We had no trouble finding parking on M & 10th Streets. On the weekends parking is free, but I’d check the signs because – it’s DC and it can be a little wonky.

Crowds: We went on a Saturday right when they opened, and the crowd wasn’t bad. Calico is still somewhat new to the area, and they do card you – even if you aren’t drinking. This might be a hold up for some under-21 visitors, but by the time we left it had started to get busier. Either way – we had excellent service, our server was happy to answer all our questions and kept our drinks on standby for us.

Yay or Nay: It’s a total yay. I can’t wait to bring my friends back to Calico once the winter is over. I’m already thinking about having my birthday there!

What about you - think you'll check out Calico?