Crybaby Club x Office Goth

I wanted to try and do a monthly bullet journal update – to share my layouts, or how I’ve shifted them, and to keep myself accountable for keeping my life organized. Lately, I’ve felt a little disorganized: I blame this on a recent shift at work and our lack of a dishwasher at home. You may not see how they connect, but honestly that’s a post for another time.

Lately, I’ve been getting a little more laid back with my bullet journal. I’ve been allowing my layouts to be a bit more fluid, leaving me a little more room for creativity. I was really excited when I received my Crybaby Club subscription box because it allowed me to litter my journal with positive affirmations and daily reminders.

It also led me down an Instagram black hole where I was able to discover some great new artists!

The Crybaby Club is basically an all-inclusive girl gang turned flair shop and their main focus is on acknowledging emotions without fear. One of their mantras that I wear proudly on my jacket is “I may cry but I still get things done!” Each month, The Crybaby Club puts together a subscription box (The Crybaby Box) – which is full of different products from around the world. The goal is to spread love and positive vibes to those who receive the box, but also allows subscribers to further those good vibes by sending products like postcards, stickers, ect. to friends!

I ate this idea up and was super excited to integrate my Crybaby Box goodies into my bullet journal. After all, sometimes life can get super overwhelming and it’s sort of nice to receive a little reminder from your past-self that things are gonna be okay.

I loved the whole vibe of this box - but I think some of my favorites included the cute postcard from Girly Pop Bows, the crybaby print from Emily Collins and the amazing papercut from Francesca Delderfield

Honestly, I love this company so much and order from them on a pretty regular basis. I love their message and that they're constantly putting new artists in my line of sight. If you're as obsessed as me - use the code ROSEMARY15 on your next order with them, for 15% off!