April Reading Roundup


I started April a little slow with my reading, but managed to get through a few bedside books. This month I read:


1.       Everything You Want Me to Be - Mindy Mejia

2.       Faithful - Alice Hoffman

3.       Make Trouble - John Waters

4.       The Perfect Girl - Gilly MacMillian

5.       The Woman in Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware

6.       Postcards from the Edge – Carrie Fisher

My favorite book I read this month, hands down, was Faithful by Alice Hoffman. Alice Hoffman is one of my all time favorite authors, and I’d been itching to get my hands on this book for a while. A copy of it popped up on Amazon in their used section ($2.00 + $3.99 for shipping) so I took the plunge and snagged it. I read it in one rainy evening and it still sticks with me. Hoffman has a way with words and the main character’s struggles were so tragic, yet relatable. Do yourself a favor – if you love dogs, have had some hard times, and like a little magic – read this book.

My least favorite book I read this month was Everything You Want Me to Be by Mindy Mejia. I wanted to like this book. It was a murder mystery that I couldn’t clock at first – but the ending had me SO disappointed and honestly, disgusted. I finished the whole thing and the last chapter just let me down, it made me wish I hadn’t even read it.

Make Trouble by John Waters is a super quick read and I’d recommend it to anyone – young or old, happy or struggling. It’s actually a transcript of a commencement speech Waters gave, and it’s just the right amount of inspiration and tough love that you need. My copy, luckily for me, is signed by Waters himself – I got to meet him when I was rocking laryngitis. He was nothing if not everything I hoped he’d be. Living in Baltimore, I’ve seen John Waters out and about before – and I’ve seen him get swarmed by people (which always makes me uncomfortable!) I was happy to meet him at his book signing, so that I didn’t feel like I was invading his personal space, and was happier that he found it funny that I couldn’t speak in anything louder than a whisper.


April was a bit of a social month for me (birthdays and all), so I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to reading, but summer is inching closer. Summer for me is all about sitting on a blanket on the beach and reading all day – so that’s definitely my game plan. Can’t wait to tackle my bedside book stack over the next few months. As always, recommendations welcome!

Oh also, I finally set up a GoodReads account! Find me under the username “officegoth.”

 Behind the scenes - a dog that is super over the whole blogging thing. 

Behind the scenes - a dog that is super over the whole blogging thing.