Office Goth x Tobi Collab

I was born and raised in Washington, DC - moving to the Baltimore area for college, and finally into Baltimore City when I was around 22. When my mom left DC and moved to the West Coast, I don't think I visited DC for a year. There was no point - my mom wasn't there, I didn't have anywhere to stay and to be honest - I didn't really like it. 

Fast forward a few years and I still haven't spent a night in DC since my mom moved, but I have been making a lot of day trips down. There's an increasing amount of cool things happening in the nation's capital, and I like that I'm close enough where I can check them out and still be home for dinner. 

When the girls at Tobi reached out to me to collaborate, I wanted a change of scenery from Baltimore. I wanted this post to reflect my memories of summer in a city - but it wasn't until I finished up that I realized I captured the "new" DC I've come to love with the "old" DC of my childhood. 

The DC of my memories is about Georgetown. I'd spend so many days off there, just wandering around - shopping at different stores; thrift and fast fashion alike. I bought one of my first CDs at the now defunct record store down there, and when I was a rebellious 18 year old I would spend the afternoon drinking beer and smoking cigarettes (ick!) at J Pauls while chowing down on burgers and complimentary soft pretzels. I'd wander the neighborhoods with my friends, daydreaming about what it would be like to live in one of the gigantic townhouses while we looked for free parking. Georgetown is cemented in my memories as my high school playground - and going back to see how much it's developed is always exciting, while a little bittersweet.

The DC of my present is all about street art. If you had asked me to point you in the direction of a mural when I lived in DC, I'd be no help. Over the past few years, the mural scene in DC has bloomed - thanks to programs run by Blind Whino and Pow!Wow! Any day I spend mural hunting in DC always results in discovering new neighborhoods, new bars and restaurants, new undiscovered spots. It's like the map in my brain expands each time. It's through mural hunting that I've discovered places like Union Market, &Pizza and Little Leaf. None of these places existed when I left DC for Baltimore all those years ago, but I'm happy that I get to explore them and see how the community is growing. 



These dresses from Tobi are perfect for summer afternoon wandering! I paired them with my high tops, so I could be comfortable in all my walking, and a pair of prescription sunglasses. 

Black Dress - shot in Georgetown, off P. Street & 33rd. 

Blue Dress - shot in NoMa, mural by Ricardo Gonzalez

Stay tuned for part 2 of this collab, but until then - what's your favorite look? Black or blue?