Oysters & Bubbles & Outfits IRL

One of the things I really wanted to accomplish with my outfit of the week posts was to show you guys outfits I actually wore. When I first started blogging - and I know I'm not alone in this - I would only take photos of outfits that I felt fit with the ~*aesthetic of what I thought a blogger was. Don't get me wrong - I love seeing fun photo shoots of awesome outfits, but it can get sort of frustrating when you follow a blogger who seems to have a photo shoot style and a real life style that don't match up. I mean - what's the point of spending money on clothes if you don't actually wear them?

That's why, in the beginning of the year I took on a personal goal. I didn't have to shop so much, I already had an amazing closet full of fun stuff. I didn't have to only wear what fit a "cool" aesthetic, I could have fun with my outfits. And honestly since I shifted my mentality,  I've been having a lot of fun. 

On Thursday, I made my way to Cask and Grain for a blogger girls' dinner. The focus of the night was on champagne and oysters [Cask and Grain has a special where on Wednesdays you can snag a bottle of cava and a dozen oysters for $30. So much yes.] so I decided to have some fun with my look. I threw on one of my faithful pink dresses, a ton of highlighter and then some thigh high boots to complete the whole outfit - since this is Maryland and the weather can't decide if it's summer or fall. The whole evening was a blast, complete with drinks with fun names [order the Lawyers, Guns & Money, you won't be disappointed], a table full of desserts and some pretty epic knock-knock jokes.

And what made it even better was that I didn't stress about my outfit. I pulled from my closet, repeating an outfit and getting past the whole "wear once and done" blogger mentality. 

Do you have some favorite, faithful looks? Are you guilty of buying clothes "just for the blog?" 

As usual, here are some links. Dress, Boots, Necklace can be found here. Belt is a vintage hand-me-down from my grandmother, so I've got no link! Song & Book of the week.

Wall can be found around 1800 Union Avenue, Baltimore, MD.