Los Angeles is jam packed with awesome street art, so I’ve been sitting on this post for a few months. I wanted to compile some of my favorite snaps from trips I've taken in the past year. Street art is always changing – sometimes you’ll plan to see things and by the time you get there, they’re gone and replaced with something new. In all my ~*research, I tend to not get my sights set on any one particular wall. Instead, I pay attention to neighborhoods and different areas where I can wander around and see what I find.

Here are a few neighborhoods I love to hit up when I’m searching for street art in Los Angeles:

1.       The Arts District - I fell in love with this neighborhood when we were in LA over Christmas. It's not as overwhelming as Hollywood, so my Greek husband and I took our time wandering around the different streets and seeing what we could find. You can find a ton of cool art here, whether you swing by The Container Yard or if you just take your time exploring. Plus there are a bunch of cute restaurants and bars for when you need a break!



2.       Venice - I'll be honest: exploring LA makes my anxiety peak. It's a huge city and there are people everywhere which means it can get super overwhelming. I love spending mornings in Venice because it's never too crowded and it reminds me of a beachy-Baltimore. The street art I tend to find in Venice is always changing, so strolling down Abbott Kinney always produces something new and exciting. If you're taking advantage of the time change and planning an early morning in Venice, I suggest stopping by Hinano Cafe - a killer little dive bar with delicious burgers. 

 This cutie is technically is Santa Monica, but I added him into Venice because we usually hit both neighborhoods on the same day. 

This cutie is technically is Santa Monica, but I added him into Venice because we usually hit both neighborhoods on the same day. 

3.    Hollywood - Oh, Hollywood. This is probably the most overwhelming neighborhood for me but the basic Instagram girl in me always soldiers through. I mean, it's where the Paul Smith wall is (which I got to see in all it's rainbow glory since my last visit took place during Pride Month) and it's the perfect area to explore if you're looking for trendy, social media friendly street art. Sure, exploring Hollywood gets my heart rate up because of all the people, but if you find a place you love there - use that as your cool down spot. Mine is Amoeba Music, which is the overwhelming safe haven I need when I'm feeling burnt out. 



And don't forget about this random favorite (in Los Feliz) - on the wall of the Wacko Soap Plant! It's not in the neighborhoods listed but, holy heck, is it cool.