29Rooms: Make it Into Art!


When I first saw pictures from the first 29Rooms, I made a conscious effort to make sure that if it ever happened again – I would go. Fast forward to a few months ago: the second round of 29Rooms was announced and I immediately bought tickets. While I’m sure you might be sick of hearing about and seeing 29Rooms photos on your feeds, I wanted to post my breakdown of the whole process for those either A. who managed to snag tickets to the Los Angeles residency or B. Who missed out and are wondering if it’s worth it to go next year.



What: 29Rooms is an interactive popup experience put on by Refinery29. It started as an alternative after party for the fashion week crowd but has turned into a social media pilgrimage for the Instagram-set. Refinery29 works with a variety of artists, brands and celebrities to create twenty nine different interactive exhibits. This year included exhibits designed by Planned Parenthood, Lizzo and Alexa Meade (to name only a few!)

Where: Williamsburg (NYC) and Los Angeles. This exhibit used to be solely in New York City, but due to it’s surge in popularity it’s expanded to LA! Tickets are already sold out – except for a few “after hours” sessions. For next year, if you plan on going – buy your tickets ASAP. 29Rooms only runs one weekend, and sells out. Fast.




Parking: We didn’t have too much trouble finding free parking in Williamsburg. If you’re an over planner, you could always “buy” a parking spot with an app like Best Parking – or you could save yourself the headache and just take a Lyft!

Crowds: I booked my tickets for the first time slot, on Friday, and my method was similar to my method when I visited the Infinity Mirror Rooms exhibit: start in the back. This was the best bet here, we walked all the way to the back of the warehouse and were able to check out rooms without any crowd problems. By the time we got to the middle of the warehouse, it was definitely more crowded and there were a few rooms we passed on (like the foam pit and the snow globe room). All in all, there will definitely be a lot of people there, but everyone is there for same reasons: to take in the bizarre, beautiful experience. I totally commend the staff that managed the rooms – they were great and making sure you weren’t overcrowded or uncomfortable.

Yay or Nay: Um, it’s an obvious yay. I’ll be going to 29Rooms for as long as they choose to have it.