March Journal Update


March was the first month that I really fell into a steady swing with my journaling. Normally, I make my layouts week-by-week, and they all look a little different. For March, I sat down in the beginning of the month and outlined the whole month. I’m definitely going to keep this habit up – especially as my life gets a bit more chaotic. Planning out the entire month of layouts helps me to stay on top of actually journaling and tracking my month.


This month, I moved all my tracking off my weekly pages, instead choosing to have a separate section for recording that info. Call me Type-A, but the truth is – I’m super forgetful. (Ask my Greek Husband, I leave my keys at home at least once a week.) If I’m not tracking something daily, chances are I’ll forget it. That’s been okay so far, but now that I’m literally growing a human, I wanted to get better at taking care of myself. I needed to remember to drink water, to take my vitamins and to get enough sleep – and for me, I was able to have those things at the forefront of my mind when I related them back to my journaling.

My chore chart from this month definitely got more use than February. I had a lot more energy and a lot less nausea in March, which meant that I got better at packing lunches and all kitchen related cleaning. While there are still some things I need to work on doing regularly, I was happy to see that little cleaning tasks – like doing the dishes or tidying my living room – were getting done more and more regularly.

Another thing that came with my energy spike was the desire to track my steps. I’d been a couch potato in February – it was cold, I was sick, ect., ect. But I wanted to keep active so I set a goal of taking 5,000 steps a day. Sure, it’s well below the recommended 10k steps a day but hey, when you work a desk job it can be hard to get a lot of steps in! I was happy with my 5k challenge and I’m hoping to step it up (horrible pun) in April as the weather gets warmer.

Ok, that’s March! I’m working on putting together a post on pregnancy related journaling but I might wait a few months. We’ll see!