BMA Maternity Photos with Merm

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’ve never been super comfortable in front of a professional camera. I’ve got the whole “posing for iphone snaps of outfit photos” down but if you put me in front of a nice camera? I tense up. I get hyper critical of myself. I don’t have fun.

However, the transition into parenthood means that I want some nice memories of moments and that calls for a photographer. And when the photographer is your friend? Well it makes it a little easier to get comfortable in front of the camera.

I had gone back and forth on the idea of maternity photos. I was caught between feeling like they were super cliché and crying over how sweet the moments captured were. (Pregnancy hormones are a roller coaster, I’m telling you!) I explained all my fears to Merm, my wonderful friend and photographer, and she assured me that we could make something work.

The day of the shoot was the day of the baby shower, and much like the day of our wedding – it was also the day of a torrential rainstorm. The original outdoor plan for these photos had to be scrapped, so we made our way to the Baltimore Museum of Art to hang out and snap some pictures. This location held a special meaning for me – I was raised in museums in DC, I drag my Greek husband to museums across the country and Deetz herself has already been to several fun gallery shows, in utero.

The moments Merm captured were magical, and I can’t recommend her enough if you’re looking for someone. She can be found here. Other than that, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! :)