A Magical Girl Nursery

 The most honorable of all mentions goes to my Greek husband who spent four hours putting together this dresser - which our daughter will own until we die. 

The most honorable of all mentions goes to my Greek husband who spent four hours putting together this dresser - which our daughter will own until we die. 


I feel like I’ve been waiting to write this post for nine months, so it makes sense that I’m posting it just a few weeks before my due date.

I wanted to create a space for Deetz that was safe, inspiring and magical. I didn’t want it to be so much a “nursery” as a room that she could grow into. Similar to wedding planning, I went into the process with ideas about what I wanted (a glider, a fancy crib, stars everywhere, a solid theme) and then over the next few months, tossed all my expectations.

First up – the crib.


I had my eyes on an acrylic crib that cost upwards of $600 and god bless my Greek husband, he agreed to it. It wasn’t until I sat down to officially purchase the thing that I started having second thoughts. That was so much to spend on one piece of furniture – and I couldn’t imagine shoving the thing in the basement when she outgrew it. I went back to the drawing board and searched and searched through cribs. Eventually I found one I loved, and naturally – it was on back order until July. My poor type-A butt couldn’t handle the thought of waiting that long for a crib that might not work in the space, so I continued my search.

Well bless Amazon alerts because one work day I was sitting at my desk when I got a notification that the crib I loved was in stock – and it was $200 less than it should have been. It must have been a glitch. It had to be a glitch. The crib wasn’t supposed to be in stock anywhere for at least two months, and the price was wrong. But it was Amazon prime – so I thought what the hell, free returns if it turned out to be a fluke – so I went ahead and ordered it.

The rest is history.


Up next – the glider.


If you really want to drive yourself crazy, spend a few weeks straight looking at ~*gliders. Realize you hate them all.

I have really great memories of my grandmother rocking me to sleep in what we called “the magic rocking chair.” That chair is currently housed in Los Angeles and my wonderful mother even offered to send it to me for the nursery, but we decided against it. It can be Deetz’s magic rocking chair of the West Coast. Instead, I made my way to Second Chance – a Baltimore based secondhand store that I fell in love with years ago.

After searching their warehouse and overheating, I found it. A tiny, blue velvet glider. It was the same size and shape as my grandmother’s original chair – and probably the same age too. Best of all, it had been marked down to $25. When I went to purchase it, I pointed out to the salesman that if I had just waited two extra days, the price would drop to $19.

“Still a great deal,” I laughed. “Can’t beat $25.”

He marked it down to $19 and suddenly, the nursery was coming together.


Tying it together – the rug.


I led with my stories of me being frugal and responsible – but I did have one splurge. I’d fallen in love with a rug and my Greek husband and I split it down the middle on Memorial Day weekend. I loved the rainbow color palette and thought it fell in line with my Greek husband’s request to not make the whole room pink. I’m obsessed with this rug and I love how the whole space is tied together by it. It made decorating so much fun, because there were so many colors to pull from.

I was able to base my crafts and decorations off colors found in the rug, but those things are posts for a different time. Instead, I’ll finish up by pointing out that just because trends are encouraging you to go one way – doesn’t mean it’s the end all way to go. I spent a few weekends heading to The Book Thing to stock Deetz’s bookshelves, I waited for sales at Society6 and June and January to buy prints and fabrics that I loved, and I dug the stuffed animal dog that never left my side as a kid out of storage to await my daughter.


I love this room. And I can’t wait for Deetz to love it too.