What's this?

Years ago, I started a blog because I wanted to do a variety of things that I felt all had a solid place on the internet. It was a fun experience, with ups and downs, but as my life soldiered forward I felt myself growing distant from my site. There wasn’t as much I wanted to share with people – I became a bit more private and a bit more fearful of judgment. As blogging became more over saturated, as algorithms changed and as cameras got nicer – I backed off.

Still, I’ve never been able to give up completely. Something kept calling me back. It was fun to work on my own website, I liked the challenge of figuring out my way around. I liked the writing exercise aspect of blogging - having an excuse to write out my thoughts and feelings was weirdly therapeutic. I didn’t want to give up completely. I didn’t want to shutter my website and leave feeling like I had let blogging conquer me.

I took some time off. I focused on what I wanted, what made me happy.

My life got busier, but in moments of down time, I’d still find myself checking out my website and seeing what sort of things I could tweak or change.

I made the decision to come back, to start fresh. This time – I wasn’t going to blog because I wanted to make myself seem more important. I wasn’t going to blog to increase my visibility or reach. I wasn’t going to blog just to hear myself talk.

I was going to experiment.

In the next year, exciting things are happening. This is a year in my life that I want to document, that I want to remember, and I’m using this blog as an opportunity to do that. I'm challenging myself to do at least bi-monthly updates: one for my journal, one for my journey into parenthood. I’m not really doing this for anyone but me, but if you can take something positive from it – feel free to follow along with me.